Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Case for Plaid: Geometrically Disposed, NYT 11/13/08

Plaid, with its huge fall/winter 08 come back
has been connected to "lifting spirits"
Best way to plaid-dom? Layered over stripes.

(From the article in Thursday's NYT:)

"After a summer or two in which trim plaid Bermudas ousted baggy cargos as preferred attire for the cool kids, plaid has spread, like some sort of geometrically replicating fungus, to almost every article of clothing in a man’s closet.
“We’re all looking for something to lift our spirits,” said Tommy Fazio, men’s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman. “Plaid equals happiness. You see someone wearing a cheery plaid shirt, it brings a smile to your face. And even though it’s dramatic, it’s not outrageous. An everyday guy can wear it.”
The more, the merrier. A lone plaid scarf says you just arrived in town from college — and 1962. A plaid scarf over a checked shirt and a plaid sport coat, topped with a tweed driving cap, suggests a different kind of schooling."
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Thursday, November 6, 2008


A color-blocked Agyness Deyn, of course......

Of all the fall 08 trends, color blocking a la the 1980s has got to be the most fun. Take primary colors and layers, vintage mixed with a few new pieces, throw it all together and hello beautiful. Bold, awesome and full or energy all take the fall through Spring 09.

Ms. Obama flawlessly pulls it off on the road

While fashion critics complain of Michelle Obama's red and black Narciso Rodriguez dress on victory night in Grant Park, I must whole-heartedly disagree. Our new first lady (!!), Ms. Obama, has a certain style that rings true with the bold '08 color-block fashion trend-- and THANK GOD-- that Michelle knows how to take a risk and OWN it since the White House could use that energy after a dodgy eight years... Above, Ms. Obama showcases the fall color trend with blocks of yellow, electric blue and white.

So all complaints aside, a major lesson for men and women alike: YOU wear the clothes, the clothes dont wear you. Take a lead from Ms.Obama's best accessory-- her outrageously glowing smile. She could wear sweats and still look radiant and thats just killer!

Y-E-A-H OBAMA!!!!!!!

thank you for voting-- thank you!!